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Roses by Helen McNabb


by Paula White


World Organization of China Painters, Inc.


Promote Porcelain Art at Carpenter Square Theatre

Hello, my name is Susan Schmidt, and I am responsible for arranging artists to exhibit mostly two-dimensional art work (e.g. painting, photography, etc) for the coming 33 (2016/2017) season of Carpenter Square Theatre (CST) in Oklahoma City, which starts September 2, 2016. This is my first effort at such an endeavor. I accepted this challenge as I am the chair for the WOCP Museum Promotions and I wanted the opportunity to expose the public to porcelain art and get them to the new museum.

Since some people aren’t use to thinking of china painting as fine art I needed to show that porcelain is another medium, like acrylic, water color, pastels, etc. by picking a couple artists who paint in other mediums as well as porcelain to demonstrate to the public that porcelain is just another medium. I picked Paula White and Betty Fox. And since I was unable to find an artist with car paintings to accept, my husband I are exhibiting our car hood ornament photos along with my paintings (56 pieces in total).

My show “Beckys New Car” (Opening Night is Friday Sept 2 and runs till Sept 24) is the perfect time to include a flyer for the WOCP Open House and hopefully get people to check out WOCP. Plus I am including an 8x10 inch description “What is Porcelain Art?” For those of you who have an opportunity to show your club’s pieces at a local library, senior center, or other venue, you are welcome to use all or part of that write up to promote your club, the museum, or porcelain art in general. I will include the jpg file for you. Print it as a photo.

Paula White’s show is “A Nice Family Christmas” and it runs November 25 thru December 17. That is the perfect time for her to get people to buy some Christmas presents at the WOCP Gift Shop.

Betty Fox is planned for the last show of the season, “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” which runs June 23 thru July 15, 2017, and that gives her a chance to remind people to visit the museum.

To support porcelain art and see a live show you and a friend could see all three shows for only $65 if you are seniors. That is the “Senior-6-Pack” listed on the order form below. You could eat dinner at 21C before the show or at other nearby places and have a drink (wine, beer or a cocktail) at the theatre). The 4, 6, or 8 pack ticket options allow you to call ahead and reserve any of the shows. You could use all 8 tickets for one show with your friends if you wanted. If you live out of town, you might want to get a group of friends to travel together.

Also, 21C offers free guided tours of their art exhibit from 5 to 7 pm two nights a week (think Wed and Fridays). You could get to the CST show early and spend some time walking around the art at 21C without the guided tour. Thursday shows start at 7:30 pm, Friday and Saturday shows start at 8pm, and Sunday matinees start at 2pm. You may be asking, what is 21C? The historic Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant is now the “21c Museum Hotel” with its restaurant and bar and is only a block’s walking distance. 21C hopefully will bring additional patrons to Carpenter Square Theatre.

Carpenter Square Theatre is located in Oklahoma City on “Film Row” at 800 West Main Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73106. The box office phone is (405) 232-6500. The art gallery is open during performances and Tuesdays through Fridays from 1 to 6 p.m.

Synopses of the eight plays follows:

1 Play runs: SEP 2-24, 2016:

BECKY’S NEW CAR – a comedy by Steven Dietz

Becky Foster is caught in middle age, middle management and in a middling marriage—with no prospects for change on the horizon. Then one night a socially inept and grief-struck millionaire stumbles into the car dealership where Becky works. Becky is offered nothing short of a new life…and the audience is offered a chance to ride shotgun in a way that most plays wouldn't dare. Becky’s New Car is a thoroughly original comedy with serious overtones, a devious and delightful romp down the road not taken.

2 Play runs: OCT 14-NOV 5, 2016:

THE SWEETEST SWING IN BASEBALL – a comedy-drama by Rebecca Gilman

Dana Fielding is an artist who is struggling with life and “losing it” along the way. Her latest exhibit is a disaster, her boyfriend is leaving, and her paranoia is out of control. When she lands in a mental hospital, it’s a chance to rebuild her sanity—until she learns that her insurance will only pay for a ten-day stay. Dana concocts a plan to fool authorities into allowing her to stay longer. With the help of some fellow patients who school her in baseball statistics, she takes on the personality of Darryl Strawberry, a retired baseball player known for having the “sweetest swing in baseball

3 Play runs: NOV 25-DEC 17, 2016:

A NICE FAMILY CHRISTMAS – a holiday comedy by Phil Olsen

It’s Christmas Eve at Helen Lundeen (Mom’s) Minneapolis apartment, three years after her husband died. An unexpected visit from crazy Uncle Bob and their outrageous Grandmother starts the evening on its wild journey. Middle son, Carl, has been charged to write an article for his newspaper about Christmas with his family, or he’s fired. The problem is, he doesn’t have his family’s consent. One by one, we learn of each family member’s secrets, problems and dysfunctions, qnd when they learn that Carl is writing an article with some very personal family information, the fruitcake hits the fan. The question is, will the magic of Christmas bring them back together? This holiday comedy is a sequel to A Nice Family Gathering that SCT produced in Season 25.

4 Play runs: JAN 6-28, 2017:

BAKERSFIELD MIST – a comedy-drama by Stephen Sachs

Based on a true story, the play pits Maude Gutman, a bawdy, salty-tongued, boozy rummage sale collector against Lionel Percy, a snobby professional art expert from New York. Maude, who lives alone in a crummy trailer park after being deserted years ago by her husband and the death of their only son, has hopes for a better life. Maude has no taste for or knowledge of fine art. Yet, in a moment of folly she purchased a rather ugly painting for $3 at a yard sale as a joke on a friend. Spurred on by a local art teacher, Maude now has hopes that the painting might be worth lots of money. She needs its authentication to rescue her life from drowning in a sea of Jack Daniels. Enter Lionel, who is obligated to appraise the painting. Perusing Maude's cluttered living room and her odd collection of tchotchkes, he deems Maude more off-the-wall than the painting she wants him to validate as a genuine masterpiece.

5 Play runs: FEB 17-MAR 11, 2017:

EXIT LAUGHING – comedy by Paul Elliott

Like Golden Girls meets Steel Magnolias, the characters are truly “characters.” When the biggest highlight in your life for the past 30 years has been your weekly bridge night out with the "girls," what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies? If you're Connie, Leona and Millie, three southern ladies from Birmingham, you do the most daring thing you've ever done. You "borrow" the ashes from the funeral home for one last card game, and the wildest, most exciting night of your lives involves a police raid, a stripper and a whole new way of looking at all the fun you can have when you're truly living.

6 Play runs: MAR 31-APR 22, 2017:

THE WHIPPING MAN – drama by Matthew Lopez (This show is part of CST’s Educational ProgrammingProject Mainstage and includes 2 matinees for at-risk high school students and drama workshops.)

Winner! 2011 John Gassner New Play Award from the NY Outer Critics Circle.

It is April, 1865. The Civil War is over and throughout the south, slaves are being freed, soldiers are returning home, and in Jewish homes, the annual celebration of Passover is being celebrated. Into the chaos of war-torn Richmond comes Caleb DeLeon, a young Confederate officer who has been severely wounded. He finds his family's home in ruins and abandoned, save for two former slaves, Simon and John, who wait in the empty house for the family's return. As the three men wait for signs of life to return to the city, they wrestle with their shared past, the bitter irony of Jewish slave-owning, and the reality of their new world. The sun sets on 3 the last night of Passover and Simon - having adopted the religion of his masters - prepares a humble Seder to observe the ancient celebration of the freeing of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt, noting with particular satisfaction the parallels to their current situation. But the pain of their enslavement will not be soothed by this tradition, and deep-buried secrets from the past emerge as the play comes to its shocking climax.

7 Play runs: MAY 12-JUN 3, 2017:

CREATING CLAIRE – comedy-drama by Joe DiPietro, writer of OVER THE RIVER & THROUGH THE WOODS

Employed as a docent at a natural history museum, nice, middle-aged Claire comes under fire when her tour-guide patter deviates from the strict scientific beliefs of her formidable supervisor and heads down a path that espouses intelligent design. Claire's spiritual slant attracts extra visitors but soon leads to legal action. Moreover, Claire’s family is struggling, as she and her husband cope with raising an autistic daughter. The play becomes a powerful exploration of the supernova that results when science, faith and politics collide.

8 Play runs: JUN 23-JUL 15, 2017:

VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE – comedy by Christopher Durang

Winner! 2013 Tony Award for Best Play, Outer Circle Critics Award for Best Play, Drama League Award for Best Production of a Play, Drama Desk Award for Best Play, NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Production, Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Play

Middle-aged siblings Vanya and Sonia share a home in Bucks County, PA, where they bicker and complain about the circumstances of their lives. Suddenly, their movie-star sister, Masha, swoops in with her new boy toy, Spike. Old resentments flare up, eventually leading to threats to sell the house. Also on the scene are sassy maid Cassandra, who can predict the future, and a lovely young aspiring actress named Nina, whose prettiness somewhat worries the imperious Masha.











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